Cyber collective, information security professionals, group of hackers

Who are we?

Group of ethical hackers doing leet things, securing our awesome customers.

Who is the target audience?

SMEs, small to medium sized businesses and private individuals

Who is targeting you?

Skiddies, Cyber Criminals, Nation States, Industrial Spies, Vengeful Ex, Resentful Employees

Who cares?

You should. You could lose your business and face crippling legal fees, fines and possible jail time.

Who are our customers?

No one you know. We sign bi-lateral NDAs with each of our customers. So we can't tell you. It's for the security and safety of everyone involved.

Who do we share you data with?

No one. Our customers security and data is of paramount importance. As such we do not share or sell your data to anyone.

Who do you call for a demo?

Simply call the office phone or send us an email to setup a meeting.