Penetration Tests, Red Team exercises, Information Security Services

What services we offer?

Penetration Tests
Red Team exercises
Social Engineering
Malware analysis

What are the threats facing you?

Malicious Insiders, Industrial Spies, Malware, Organized Crime Syndicates

What can you do to educate yourself?

Research, Attend conferences and usergroups, Hire outside trainers

What resources are out there?

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Brian Krebs
Risky Business, Patrick Gray & Adam Boiluea
...to mention but a few.
Detailed List Here

What is the Return On Investment (ROI)?

Cost of breach - is around R1,882,420 ($188,242)
Cost of legal fees - is around R...
Cost of fines - is around R...
Cost of loss of business - ...
Cost of loss of reputation - ...
Cost of services - is a fraction of the cost of a breach
Cost of peace of mind - can one put a price on such things?

What is a security audit?

Make sure whatever security measures are in place is working as expected.

What is a vulnerablity assessment?

This is where we find vulnerabilities, weaknesses or bugs in your current security measures and list them in a detailed report along with suggestions to rectify and tighten up security.

What is a penetration test?

Here we will exploit vulnerabilities, weaknesses or bugs found in your security measures to gain privileged access to the premisses and your data. Upon completion of the test you get a detailed report documenting the entire process and the steps taken.

What is a red team exercise?

We simulate an attack from an attacker. Thinking and acting as the attacker would. A less structured and more agile approach than a pentest and completely goal focused. Generally looking for the easiest way to accomplish the mission.

What is a HackSpace?

A place where you can freely express yourself through technology. By building, experimenting and playing with different types of tech.

What is OPSEC?

OPSEC is Operational Security, it means be very careful to not give out any information that an adversary could against you, to either gain an advantage or to cause damage.

What types of attacks would you like us to demo?

We can perform a variety of demonstrations to illustrate the possible threats you and your business are facing. You will need to setup an appointment and first discuss the issues you are interested in and then we'll make the appropriate preparations for the demo.

What times are the office open?

Monday to Friday, 0900h-1600h (GMT+2)