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How can we help you?

By following a methodical approach we will perform Penetration Tests, Red Team exercises or a number of other Information Security Services. At end of which you get a detailed report documenting the entire process and the steps taken.

How secure do you think you are?

If you think you are 100% secure, then you probably have been 100% breached already. Security is a layered strategy and a moving target.

How a breach can affect you?

60% of businesses closed within 6 months
90% of the remainder closed within 2 years
Some more statistics here.

How can you tell if you have been breached?

There are multiple indicators a breach. Like, pop-ups, anti-virus being deactivated, strange files appearing on hard drive, wallpaper image changes, etc.
The problem is that these days with sophitcated attackers you will most likely never know you were breached till it is far too late. Usually victims find out about the breach via a third party at which time your data is already on the internet.

How can you avoid becoming a victim?

Vigilance, Proactive Paranoia, Two-factor Authentication, Encryption, Shred all sensitive documents, Ask Questions, Research

How can you report a scam or fraud?

You can submit the query to us and we can assist you in following up on the issue. You can submit it directly to the parties involved and to the police.

How can you get in touch with us?

Email: enquiries@eocs.co.za
Social Media: (bottom of screen)
Phone: 071 371 2416

How can you support and get involved in the community?

Attend conferences, usergroups and discussion groups. Donate something (could be time) to the local hackspaces. Conbribute to open source projects. Create open source hardware.

How can you change the language of the site?

Sorry but you can't right now, we're getting there.